Ernst Krüger GmbH & Co KG
Vulkanfiber-Fabrik, Spinnkannen aus Vulkanfiber und Polyethylene, Stanzteile


The company was founded in 1927 by Ernst Krüger. At start-up in the early days vulcanised fibre was processed into moulded parts. The production of vulcanised fibre was quickly introduced and this is still the main supporting pillar of the company today. A special type of vulcanised fibre with a light grey colour and ideal properties for coping with extreme mechanical stress has been trademarked under the brand name HORNEX. The brand name was later extended to cover all vulcanised fibre products produced by Ernst Krüger GmbH & Co KG.

The next steps in development were the processing of vulcanised fibre especially for products in the textile industry and the setup of the punching department. The sliver cans from vulcanised fibre and polyethylene, which Krüger produced for customers all over the world increased the prestige in the textile- and especially the spinning-industry. The punching section, developing dynamically in the last few years, is an independent operating area today.

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